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Getting Started in 3-Gun: Basics to Get You in the Game

By: Chris Andersen, Team Vertx 3-Gun Nation Pro Shooter
 SHOT Vegas 3Gun Chris Andersen

So you’ve seen the YouTube 3-Gun shooting videos or possibly caught an episode of 3-Gun Nation. You love to shoot, it looks like way too much fun and you want to try it. The question now is how to get started? 

Find a local club.

The sport is growing quickly. In fact it is becoming unusual for a large gun club to not have a regular 3-gun match. If you are a member of a club, ask your club’s competition coordinator. Competition shooting forums like, and’s 3-Gun Nation Forum are full of shooters, match directors and officials that can steer you in the right direction. 

3 Gun Pro 

Don’t buy ANYTHING yet!

You will thank me later. If you have a reliable rifle, pistol and shotgun, the means to carry additional ammunition, a safe holster, eye and ear protection, you have about all you need to try your first match.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from experienced shooters.

I have always loved competition, but one of my favorite things about the shooting sports is the people. Most everyone at literally every level is willing to offer advice and even loan equipment to help a new shooter get started. The sport is full of people who have all been right where you are now and can offer you tons of tips to help avoid pitfalls and maximize your investment in the sport.


 At Texas 3 Gun Match

Have fun!

Don’t take yourself too seriously at first. 3-gun is very technical and gear-intensive and there are a lot of things that can really change your perspective on your ability to operate your firearms under stress. It is pretty common for a new shooter’s mind to go a bit numb the first time you hear a timer start in competition. So it is very important to relax and have fun. There will be a lot to learn, and that knowledge comes a lot quicker with less stress in the picture.

Don’t blame me when you are addicted to this sport!

I will warn you upfront.  There is a reason this sport is growing so quickly. It is huge fun. Odds are if you are the type of personality that is drawn to this sort of thing you are going to get hooked. But don’t worry. There are plenty of folks on Craigslist who will happily take your golf clubs/motorcycle/etc. off your hands!

See you on the range!

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